El Niño

by 800 lb Gorilla

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released March 12, 2016

Recorded and mastered by Ryan Atkins at Azmyth Recording in Indianapolis, IN
All songs performed by 800 lb. Gorilla
Produced by Mark Humphrey
Album art by Bill Humphrey, designed by Mark Humphrey
Photography by John Wardrop
Cover image courtesy of NASA/JPL - Caltech/Univ. of Arizona

℗ © 2016 Mark Humphrey, Daniel Humphrey, Kwame Newton



all rights reserved


800 lb Gorilla Bloomington, Indiana

800 lb. Gorilla is a College-Rock Jam Band with funky grooves. Top shelf musicianship unites guitar with saxophone and keyboards and a tight rhythm section, topped off with strong vocal harmony.

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Track Name: What Is it I Know
In the parking lot he turned and coughed
And sweat dropped off his palms anticipation
What is it I know?
The early scenes of pearly keys
and brand new tattered jeans my mind escapes me
I think it's amazing

And I know my friend it's not what she had said
That's not what she had meant
I swear I'm the only one

She's got kids and protective lids
And lines of typed up particular conversation
What is it I know

I write you like a soft song
They're coming tonight
And you'd better hide.
Track Name: La Infanta Margarita
Hectic pushing out with fists and palms
moving by on a dew soaked lawn
it's part of it
Did I get close enough to share this? Yes
But I digress

Who's been here in this mess that I've made
I get dizzy hung up all alone she said

La Infanta Margarita
Whatever you say, honey I don't
Give a fuck about anything
I tell this from the redness caught up in your face

Home again, might I call home
Only place I go to make this sane again

Who's been here on the phone
I get dizzy hung up all alone again

La Margarita
Do whatever you say, honey I know
I'd give up about anything
I tell this from the redness caught up in your face
Y las Meninas
Esperando en la puerta para ti
If they could have seen us
poderío sido malo para mi
Pardon me

I must be mistaken
This body has been taken
I must be mistaken again
This body has been...
Lie down
Track Name: Pistol Grip
In the scenic downtown
Need a whip just to call it hip
You've been mozin' around now
This whole town gives your soul the slip
You've been shaking it out now
You can't hardly keep a grip

You make it easy now
You can't keep a grip

You catch a ride to skin down
Find some threads to make a fit
Now you throw it on up how
You can dance on broken bits
Until you find it out now
you won't wash away the shit

You make it easy now
Like a pistol grip
Track Name: Northumbria
She were bankrupt by deceivers when I lost mine
She sat sea sick by the window on the public transit line
I may not believe in fate
Or god or anyone

Now she falls she's not awake

Who dares?
You should've known that

Violet forming type lines and I lost mine
She were shaken by the fever and the public transit ride
I may not believe in fate
Or god or anyone

Land they say

Take back what you know
Whatever you are
No I don't carry on after dark

Take back what you know
Pattern the earth
It doesn't matter
It doesn't matter
Pick a pattern that you know

I'm but a fool without it
I'm like a fool without it.

Get in, get in, get in, get in, get in

Take a living
Smell where you've been
Be a good friend
Take your living
Track Name: Somebody
Is this not better than
Making it back to face attack
Upon the things I have

Only once in a while

Is this not what you want
Making it back it's just a fact
No matter what you've done

Only once in a while

'All I want, all I need
Is for you to be happy,' she said
This phase could take a man
Try make him cold blooded

Stole an orphan from your breast
Sold it to the wolves out west

'All I want, all I need
Is for you to be happy again'